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EMT- Paramedic


Scope of Responsibilities:

  • Patient assessment, including physical examination and First Aid and Basic Life Support including airway management, ventilator support, circulatory and shock management, clinical assessment, orthopedic care, medication administration, obstetrics, medical and trauma care and patient extrication and safety
  • Paramedic care is limited to intravenous therapy, endotracheal intubation, defibrillation, and drug administration where approved and authorized by the company and the park medical director.
  • Recognizes the need for special or additional assistance, including Advanced Life Support, ambulance transport, aero-medical transport, patient extrication, rescue or other services.
  • Acts in the best interest of the patient
  • Physician contact, patient transfer and referral, transfer of care and follow up
  • Telecommunication, radio communications and dispatch of resources
  • Information gathering, reporting and documentation according to established procedures
  • Employee, peer, and public interaction
  • Inspection, inventory, maintenance, preventative maintenance and cleaning of grounds, facilities, work areas, vehicles, supplies, and equipment
  • Safety awareness and reporting
  • Understands and performs appropriately under the Emergency Response Plan, including disaster and Multiple Casualty Incident (MCI) operations and management
  • Infection control, biohazards material identification, clean up and disposal
  • Basic identification of hazardous atmospheres, materials, and incidents
  • Vehicle operations, emergency vehicle operations, and defensive driving, including driving and operating ambulances and other vehicles in a safe manner and is familiar with park and local geography, routes of response, etc
  • Administrative duties may include filling, distribution, computer operations, typing and data entry
  • Understands, supports, and follows the Standard Operating Procedures and Patient Care Protocols
  • Attends mandatory meetings, training and education, etc
  • May assist other personnel with their duties
  • Must remain alert, helpful, and courteous at all times
  • Promotes a professional environment

Other Functions:

  •  Performs other duties as assigned, needed, or required
  • This position may have potential exposure to blood, bodily fluids, other potentially infectious materials and communicable diseases

While this job description is designed to be an accurate reflection of the requirements of this position, management reserves the right to add or remove duties/responsibilities as circumstances dictate (e.g. emergencies, technological advances, changes in workload, etc.).


Substantiating Data


High School diploma or equivalent required.


Possesses and maintains a valid and current Emergency Medical Technician -- Paramedic Automated External Defibrillation certification or license and completes all requirements for renewal, including continuing education classes or hours. Possesses or maintains a valid and current American Heart Association or an accepted equivalent nationally standardized Adult / Child / Infant CPR course completion card (current is defined as having completed a course within the previous two years). Possesses and maintains a valid and current state driver's license and current park driver's license.

Complexity Of Duties

Ability to communicate well, verbally and in written form. Hears and listens well. Ability to interpret written, oral, and diagnostic form instructions. Ability to use good judgement and remain calm in high stress situations. Ability to work effectively in an environment with loud noises and flashing lights. Ability to function effectively through an entire shift or assignment. Ability to calculate weight and volume rations and read small print both under life threatening time restrictions. Ability to read and understand English language manuals, texts, and maps. Ability to converse and comprehend English effectively. Accurately discern and interpret directions, street signs, addresses, and landmarks. Ability to appropriately interview patient, family members, bystanders, and witnesses. Ability to document in writing, all relevant information in a prescribed format.


Under general supervision.


Safety awareness and reporting.

Contact With Others

Employee, peer, and public interaction.

Confidential Data

Exposed to confidential data.

Visual and Mental Demand

Requires normal visual and mental demand.

Physical Demand

Requires continuous standing, walking, bending, eye / hand coordination, near vision, hearing, speech, and stepping up / down. Ability to lift, carry, and balance heavy loads. Ability to lift, carry, balance, manipulate and operate tools, equipment, instrument, implements and etc. to the specifications, standards, etc, of the manufacturer or Patient Care Protocols. Good manual dexterity, with ability to handle tools, implements, etc. in order to perform all tasks related to the duties of Health Services personnel. Ability to walk, run, bend, stoop, and crawl on uneven terrain.

Working Conditions

Ability to withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold, moisture, dryness, etc. Ability to work in low light, confined spaces and potentially hazardous environment.

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