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You'll make new friends and lifelong friends. Whether working seasonally, taking a break from home, not quite ready for retirement, or even challenging yourself with a new career, our flexible scheduling allows you to find time for all the important activities in your life.

Our Mission

Creating Fun and Thrills for All Ages.

Our Values

Safety, Service, Integrity, Innovation, Results Orientation, Fun and Friendliness.



At Six Flags, there are exciting and diverse employment opportunities where Team Members can work in a fun, safe environment.

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opportunities_icon1 Attractions

Feel the thrill of our exciting and adventurous paid attractions while assisting Guests with their greatest park experiences such as Sky Coaster, Go Karts, and much more.

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opportunities_icon2 Costume Characters

If you have ever wanted the chance to play the role of your favorite cartoon character, this is your chance! We are looking for exceptional performers to fill these positions.

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opportunities_icon3 Entertainment

Team Members in our Entertainment area can be Performers, Tech Crew Members or Support Staff. Every show you put on is the best show ever!

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opportunities_icon4 Finance

The Finance department offers hands-on experience for Accounting and Finance Majors, with positions available in Cash Control, Accounts Payable/Receivable, and Daily Reporting.

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opportunities_icon5 Food Service

From stand-alone carts to restaurants, fast food areas and catering, teamwork is the key skill for serving thousands of Guests daily.

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opportunities_icon18 Fright Fest

During the month of October, the park is transformed into a Haunted Theme Park. Additional Street Actors, Haunted House performers, make-up artists, wardrobe attendants, and escorts are needed to help make this event a success.

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opportunities_icon6 Games and Arcades

Games and Arcades Team Members run their games like a business, taking responsibility while creating fun and having fun.

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opportunities_icon7 Guest Relations

If you're a people pleaser, problem solver, and enjoy having a direct impact on the happiness of others, this is the opportunity you've been looking for.

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opportunities_icon8 Hotel Staff

Below are just a few examples of some exciting job opportunities that may be available at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park.

Do not miss your chance to be a part of all the thrills and excitement, we have positions available in Housekeeping, Front Desk, Reservations, and Bartending.

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opportunities_icon9 Landscaping

Our Planting Crew, Mowing Crew, and Greenhouse Crew help uphold our reputation for beautifully landscaped grounds.

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opportunities_icon11 Loss Prevention

Prevent loss of company assets and take steps to recover loss. Surveillance, shoplifter apprehension, employee investigations, and mystery shopping.

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opportunities_icon12 Park Services

The highly visible Park Services Team Members are responsible for maintaining superior standards of cleanliness throughout the entire park.

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opportunities_icon13 Retail and Rentals

Help Guests savor the memories of their experience at Six Flags by helping them choose gifts in our gift shop, retail store, or rollaway cart.

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opportunities_icon14 Ride Operator

Our rides bring people to the park. Our Team Members deliver the thrills safely, courteously, and happily.

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opportunities_icon15 Safari Education

Our Safari/Education department Team Members make sure that our animals receive the best care possible and have a safe, comfortable home year-round, while delivering an educational and thrilling experience for our Guests.

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opportunities_icon16 Security

Our Security Officers in uniform; protect the park and our Guests.

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opportunities_icon17 Specialty

Human Resources, Marketing/ATS, Market Research, Sales, Administrative, Cash Control, Warehouse, Wardrobe, Safety/First Aid. Seasonal Mechanics, Electricians, HVAC Techs, Painters, Plumbers.

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